At Merit Academy, there is one student per class. Teachers teach directly to that one student, so there's no way to slip through the cracks. The classes move at a level appropriate for each student. You won't have to wonder whether your child is participating in class discussions or whether the teacher is engaging your child; these concerns are nonexistent at Merit. Merit's teachers and director keep close tabs on each student's progress. Teachers report directly to Merit's Director about each student's work. The director meets with each student once per week to ensure that the student is making good progress, enjoying their classes, and using their time wisely. If a student looks like they might fall behind, they are able to receive extra tutoring. No one gets lost in the shuffle at Merit. At the same time, we employ rigorous standards to fully prepare students to be successful at even the most selective universities. Our dedicated teachers, who are experts in their fields, offer exciting lectures and individualized support. Students not only take a full load of accelerated classes, but they also get experience with life outside the classroom—holding internships, working on special projects, and performing community service. As students approach college, they receive guidance with the admissions process. Although the workload might seem heavy for some students, we offer the support they need to get it done.

Co-ed Day S. Grades: Grades 9-12
Co-ed Urban
39,000 Tuition: $39,000
24 # of Student: 24
Co-ed Teacher:Student: 1:1
Co-ed International Student: N/A
0 AP Courses: 0
-1.00 Endowment: N/A
20 Faculty w/ adv. degree: 20%
-1 SAT: N/A
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2392 North Rodeo Gulch Road, Soquel, CA 95073
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